Friday, January 8, 2010

Mediated Core

How Is it Done?

For a mediational moment to occur three things must be present: Intentionality and Reciprocity, Meaning and Transcendence (Bridging).

Intentionality/Reciprocity-This is a purposeful interaction where any action on the part of the parent (mediator) tries to change the child's perception,thinking or response.

Meaning-The parent (mediator) wants to infuse meaning into every task. The child should see the significance and importance in what they do. Giving the reasoning behind what we do opens the mind to true understanding.

Transcendence (Bridging)-Bridging makes connections between current learning, past experiences and successes and can even be linked to the future. The mediating parent helps the child connect what is learned to home, community and the world.

**Some of these notes and definitions have been taken from a workshop put together by Therese McDonald, John Hoekstra and Joycelyn Larcoque. They are not solely my own thoughts.**

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