Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday June 28 2011

The morning games began with some cut out dress up dolls and their oh-la-la clothes
followed by garden chores and flower checking and catching up with neighbours
There was popsicle making and dreams of eating it right now
puzzles and playing
baseball catching--the ball is just about in the glove, cool photo!
Mad games of catch
Playing tag
Weeding, gardening, discovering
park play
picking lilacs
runnning down ramps
back home for some pre-Canada Day art
too hot, too buggy, back inside
inside to listen to Mr. Popper's Penguins
put together a Canada puzzle
play the A to Z game with Canadian names and places
play spot the difference
sort through beads
tell stories and make plans
get ready for swimming
Mom breaks favourite glass pitcher--boo!
eat up popsicles
walk down to the library and pick up new books--yay a Jim Weiss audiobook!
walk to pool...realized too late that we have missed public swim. Make plans to return
walk home with grumpy then good attitudes
get home and start reading new books
play with the neighbours
find a dead robin in neighbour's fountain
Daddy meets us at pool. He met two bikers travelling to Alaska from Brazil. Makes plans to hang out with them later on to collect adventure stories and take pictures
loving the summer weather on the walk home
and all the delights that meet us along the way
inside for a shot of hot chocolate
Decorations are dry and ready to go
and we talk about bedtime,
but first...
there is always time to sit in the tree

Monday June 27 2011

Today was full of errands and appointments
thrift stores and good buys
walks in the park
Subway meals with friends
finding loads of caterpillars
passing time in a parked car playing Canada games
buying a watch
munching on food
finishing good books
inventing stories of our own
squishing the guts of caterpillar
using gift cards up at stores
finding moths in unlikely places
BBQ's with friends from church
being eaten by mosquitoes
stopping for photos during a sunset on a green bridge
summer bliss

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tuesday June 21 2011

Our sign for the nieghbours
Our sidewalk artistry
Our floating peonies
flowers were blooming
candles floating
fish out of water
bonfire roasting
We looked through our old Summer List books
We ate smores!
Hid toys with flowers (it's a sheep back there)

And watched it finally get dark on the longest day of the year.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick Quotes

I found an old notebook from last summer and I wrote down all my favourite quotes from novels that I read.
Had to share them!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African Proverb

But it was truth. And truth, the kind of truth that has the power to set you free sometimes comes with no emotion. Like an anchor, it simply holds fast. -Peculiar Treasures, Robin Gunn Jones

Ever since I noticed that the best whiners and complainers of the Old Testament had books of the Bible named after them, I'd found my voice. -Mibby, Always Green by Patti Hill

Throughout history, kitchens have been the chapels where women gather to soothe and fortify one another-chapels with colored wallpaper instead of stained glass windows. The kitchen table, sticky with rings of juice from breakfast, is an altar of prayer. The soulful hum of the refrigerator replaces the choir. -Mibby, Always Green by Patti Hill

Suprisingly, the blubberfest I conjured up wasn't satisfying. It was a bit boring. In fact, it was like a dish of fat free vanilla frozen yogurt. Ho hum. -Mibby, Always Green by Patti Hill

We're just going to move on past it like it never happened. I don't even mention it when I'm talking about you. It's like that strange cousin we all have who is "accidentally" left out of all the photos. You know what I mean. -J. R., My Life as a Doormat (in three acts) by Rene Gutteridge

I don't require much, but the few necessities I do need are paramount. -Christy Miller, I Promise by Robin Jones Gunn

...marvelous dark eyes. They belonged on an oil portrait, round, deep and expressive, the rich colour of wet paint. -The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

Inspiration from outside one's self is like the heat in an oven. It makes passable Bath buns. But inspiration from within is like a volcano: It changes the face of the world. -The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag by Alan Bradley

They seem nice, though, your sisters, really,” Porcelain remarked.

“Ha!” I said. “Shows what little you know! I hate them.”

“Hate them? I should have thought you'd love them.”

“Of course I love them,” I said, throwing myself full length onto the bed. “That's why I'm so good at hating them.”

-Flavia de Luce, A red Herring without Mustard by Alan Bradley

What quotes do you love from recent reads?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday June 20 2011

The forecast called for rain (boo!), so I grabbed my current book list. How about you? What are you reading this week?
Checking out my herb garden.
Admiring the neighbours gorgeous poppies
My eldest drew Desperaux. The main character from Kate DiCamillo's The Tale of Desperaux. Loved this book!
We went on a nature sketch hunt. We found fungi and flowers, but only sketched quickly as the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE.
We worked on our "Longest Day to Party Party" that we are hosting tomorrow. June 21 is our day to host the nieghbours over for a bonfire and smores. Our neighbours also get to enter the Great Tomato contest which should be a blast. And of course, one of them will win a zucchini plant. Come back tomorrow to see the shenanigans. Of maybe come back WEdnesay. I'll be out by the bonfire til the sun sets, so a blog post won't be happening.
A deluge of rain and hail. Our brave plants withstood the hail.
My kids worked on some critical thinking and planning skills as they put together food and to-do items for the event.
We found a weed and thought that we should show it to the editor of our newspaper.So we stopped into our town's little paper press and gabbed with the girls...and the cat and Digger, the dog, who all can be seen daily at our newspaper office.
Then we admired the old typewriter-ish thing that was set by the bowl of candies. Our admiration may have been a ruse as we really just wanted the candy.
We shopped for some groceries for the Yard Party and then saw this sky and hightailed it home.
Where some neighbours brought by dahlias, and we picked mint leaves to make our mint ice cubes for tomorrow's lemonade.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Learning in June

Observing nature in all forms

playing with forgotten toys
telling stories
writing limericks

Games galore!

Pictures, art, drawing

Card games, 52 pick up

Reading books, books and more books
Pick up sticks
Riding around in a wheel barrow

Taking in the wonder of flowers
Have a makeup party
and a tea party
and a party party
Designing and re-designing doodle cards!