Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday July 29 2011

Today we had some friends over to play Pinaqua...
which, as you can see, is a water-filled pinata!
Then we ran through the sprinklers
drove trucks
made forts
played dolls
chased eachother around while eating peas
made clay gargoyles from Notre Dame
had a mud bath
And then jumping in the mud puddles
landing in a splash
and becoming a total mud mess!

Wednesday July 27 2011

We worked on a multi-coloured drawing of a tractor
while listening to Galileo and the Stargazers
I was caught playing hide and seek with my crew


Then we received a whole bunch of boxes from Greyhound via Grandma!
And inside there were tons of goodies. Like.... Grandmother's wedding dress and veil.
I had to try it on, obvs.
The buttons on the sleeve! Individual button loops!
I just love the sleeves on these. Aren't they stunning?
And my mom sent my old stuffie from childhood, Bryan the One Eared Dog! Now I can sleep at night.
We received some water toys--fake fish tank! My son is in love!
An old cd of mine from my youth.
Come on everybody--do you want a revolution,wooh,wooh. I said, Do you want a revolution?

No? Nobody gets that?
Come on. It's the album Bono sings on. Still, no? Ok.
I still love your music Kirk.
Click here to see the music video. for Revolution
(And for the others who do get it, my other two fave songs by KF: Hosanna, and September. I always end up dancing. Especially the chorus of September.
Weaving toy

And, what else...but a dinosaur that grows to 12x it's size!

Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Living and Learning

horse play!
Paper quilling
Sorting makeup--cue Taylor Swift and Francesca Battistelli music
organized bliss!
washing makeup brushes
Reading reading, reading
destroying pinata
the spoils of war
whimsy in neighbours gardens
park play

July Weekend

Weekends are for being waterbugs
Discovering snails
minnow catching
barefoot running
Water wading
lake enjoying
tree climbing
slime finding
Sunset watching

Friday, July 15, 2011

Asking for Trouble

I always help myself to Young Adult Fiction when I am at the library. I like to know what passes for good reading for today's youth. I grabbed the book Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd because I liked the snazzy cover.
And it was set in London.
But my surprise was great when I read the back and found out it was a story of a teenager living out her faith after a move overseas.
LOVED this book.
A lot of Christian youth books only name drop God or Jesus when crisis emerges. Not so in this book.
The author found a great way for this girl to constantly be reading scripture and applying it to her life.
She is an advice columnist for her school newspaper.
I just loved the way this character has a strong family life, a love for church and a commitment to do the right thing even after a few botched attempts at doing things her own way.
If you have teenagers 13 and up, or if you are a mom who needs a quick read, I recommend this book.

Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WEdnesday July 13 2011

This morning started with a nature walk. The skies were heavy and we want to walk by the river before the storm let loose. We stopped to watch some birds and listen to nature.
Then we hoofed it back home, and just in time.
This photo here might look like one of those bad and out of focus photos that I put on here all the time. But you'd be wrong. It's just that kind of crazy downpour today. It is making the pictures look bad.

The rain put us in a reckless mood. Yes, that's right. Buttertarts for breakfast. I know, we are a people gone crazy!
We waited for the rain to stop, then headed out to do some Picasso style collage art.
Played forts, built houses and had a wedding ceremony that featured the teddy bears and I as the main guests.
Back to the central hub of our town--the library! We ran into our Australian friends and had quite a good chat.
Ran home to have tuna-lettuce wraps (heaven in a dish!)
Raced over to the Native bead crafting session

Tada! Meet Harry. Who is not known around these parts for his hair.
And then we stopped and played with Boomer the Dog.
On our fourth walk of the day, we spotted a bird's egg
and another nature hunt began
Quick jaunt home to rest our feet and take a look at our Summer Adventure List. We have a list of 101 things we want to do this summer. Some are big dreams, and others are simple pleasures. Today we wanted to tackle a few summer pleasures.
So we embarked on yet another walk.

This is our fifth walk of the day. We met another canine friend
Then we took our cherries and got ready to fulfill another Summer Adventure List item

We travelled to the bridge (that is our silhouette)
Where we ate our cherries and then spit the seeds off the bridge.
Ah summer! The pleasures are so rich.
Another item on our summer list: watch clouds and talk about the shapes they make.
We decided this one was a plane

Taking time to smell the (neighbour's) flowers

We rode our stroller hard. Too hard in fact. We bent the wheel on it.
We had barely prayed for a new one and my neighbour said, "Do you guys need a bigger stroller because we don't use this any more?"
So we kindly took that
And then played with our neighbours

We played with our paper compass
Drew pictures and drove mom around the bend with lame jokes
And then Jamie Oliver helped us make dinner--curry!