Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday July 27 2011

We worked on a multi-coloured drawing of a tractor
while listening to Galileo and the Stargazers
I was caught playing hide and seek with my crew


Then we received a whole bunch of boxes from Greyhound via Grandma!
And inside there were tons of goodies. Like.... Grandmother's wedding dress and veil.
I had to try it on, obvs.
The buttons on the sleeve! Individual button loops!
I just love the sleeves on these. Aren't they stunning?
And my mom sent my old stuffie from childhood, Bryan the One Eared Dog! Now I can sleep at night.
We received some water toys--fake fish tank! My son is in love!
An old cd of mine from my youth.
Come on everybody--do you want a revolution,wooh,wooh. I said, Do you want a revolution?

No? Nobody gets that?
Come on. It's the album Bono sings on. Still, no? Ok.
I still love your music Kirk.
Click here to see the music video. for Revolution
(And for the others who do get it, my other two fave songs by KF: Hosanna, and September. I always end up dancing. Especially the chorus of September.
Weaving toy

And, what else...but a dinosaur that grows to 12x it's size!

Thanks Mom!