Monday, January 25, 2010

What 's white and black and red all over?

If you are on my blog for any length of time and stumble across a Mediated Moment, you will trip over the colors in which I use to tell our stories.

Here is a breakdown of those colors and why they are on this blog.

Mediated Learning has a core at it's center. It consists of Initiative and Reciprocity, Bridging (to the Future or the Past) and Meaning.
Whenever I am writing a story, I will use RED to show that all three criteria are present. It's not a Mediated Moment unless all three are involved.
I'm using this as a way to show you, the reader, how the moment unfolded without you trying to find or identify the "core".

I'm not an expert and I welcome your feedback to challenge or help me and others understand how one of the three elements may be weak and how it could have been built upon further.

Around the core principles of mediated learning you have nine components of learning. Here, you focus on what to put emphasis on during this particular learning experience.
On my blog, you'll find them in PURPLE. They are:
  • Regulation and Control of Behavior
  • Feelings of Competency
  • Sharing Behavior
  • Individuation
  • Goal Setting
  • Challenge: The Search for Novelty and Complexity
  • Awareness of the Potential for Change
  • The Search of Optimistic Alternatives
  • Feeling of Belonging
I will blog on what all these components are later (and when I mean later, I mean lllllatttter. As in, I'm working right now on mastering the core and asking questions with some of the components in mind. I may bring in a guest blogger to write a little on these. We'll see).


GREEN is the chosen color for anything that is a method or approach that has been taught in the workshops I've attended or something that we (my husband and I) have decided to make part of our own home culture in our effort to mediate.

These include:
Package words
Step-In/Step-Out Approach
and many more (as soon as I figure them out!)

There you have it. An interpretive guide to understanding the rainbow on this blog. Perhaps we will all find a pot of gold at the end, non?

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