Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Workshop 3- A Focus on Reading

If you have recently attended Workshop 3, here are some things to get you off to a quick start:

Remember the Core & Criteria
Remember the Phases of the Mental Act (Thinking)
Click here to read about the Phases

Focus on strengthening the following Cognitive Functions
* Exploring a New Learning Situation *Select Relevant Clues
*Elaboration of Cognitive Categories
*Mental Field

The ONE thing you can do to improve your child's chances of reading

Remember that Reading Problems can be caused by:
-environmental causes
-physical causes
-perceptual: dyslexia
-detecting reading problems

Items found in your workshop notes to help:

Observation Sheet
Process Questions
Reading Placement Test
Detecting Reading Problems
Review Videos
Attend Future Workshops
Dynamic Assessment

Recommended Reading and Resources

The Gift of Dyslexia
How the Brain Learns to Read


*Believe that change is possible
*Make an honest commitment to become mediational
*Be willing to put other things aside in order to mediate

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