Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cognitive Function in Input Phase: Data Gathering

When this Cognitive Function is adequate the child will:

* develop a natural need to be precise and accurate in collecting information

*choose only what is applicable to the accurate (appropriate and correct) processing of a problem once the need has been developed

*use precise vocabulary (clearly stated and detailed) to make
sure the information is "captured" differently

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate the child will:

-not have an understanding of the importance of being precise and accurate when collecting data

-tend to produce work in which the data is not precise (detailed) or accurate (appropriate and correct)

-hand in work that is incomplete or too detailed; it may be lacking logic or missing the point

-not be able to see if data is missing or it is misstated

-rely on the parent for exact instructions and information and be unable to extract from their own memory or previous experience.

Strategies to Correct Impaired Data Gathering

Areas you can mediate:

* Meaning- The parent clarifies the source of mistakes
*Transcendence- The parent reinforces accurate attention to detail
*Self-Regulation- the parent makes the child aware of the consequences of errors

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