Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cognitive Function in Elaboration Phase: Definiton of the Problem

When this Cognitive Function is accurate the child will:

*sense that something is wrong and needs attention
*identify the source of discrepancy that created the problem (ie. clearly recognize and state the cause and nature of the problem)
*state all the factors that influence the problem and identify those that are incompatible

When this Cognitive Function is inaccurate the child will:
*be unable to see incompatibility between sources of information (ie.may not recognize that a problem exists)
*have poor data-gathering skills and be unable to form relationships among things and think reflectively about them.
*demonstrate a lack of insight when assessing a situation
*be insensitive to, and lack curiousity about problems
*have difficulty deciding on a course of action in response to a situation

Strategies to Correct Inaccurate Definition of a Problem

Areas you can focus on with Mediated Learning:
*Intentionality & Reciprocity-the parent focuses the problem for the child
*Meaning-the parent encourages identification of things that aren't matching up or clashing, illogical
*Self-Regulation & Control of Behaviour-the parent stimulates reflective thinking and analysis

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