Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little person we like to call George

After our last human figure drawing, I felt more equipped to go into this next session.

This is George.
I asked my 4 year old to draw a human figure (and yes, this time I clarified what I meant by human figure).
George has a belly button, though you can't see it from this photo. It's there. It's just covered by the clothes :)
My daughter and I had great fun mediating this drawing.
We talked about our bodies and George's body and how they were similar and how they were not.
George has incredibly detailed eyes. He has irises, pupils and eyeballs. We did a study on the eye earlier this year and I was impressed with how much detail came through in this picture.
My daughter and I giggled through the realization that our right arm is not connected to our hair but to our torso.
She was very interested to learn about the head being seperate from the body and that a person has a trunk or torso. (The next day she drew a person on our window and said, "Oops! I forgot to draw his body. I only drew his head and legs. She recognized this on her own after we did this exercise).
I complimented her on the legs and arms and on the accurate number of fingers. Her nose has nostrils and a big smile, although it is hidden under the clothes. We talked about how difficult it would be to walk around if our clothes covered our face like George's picture. Then we practiced having clothing over our face and giggled some more.
I can't wait to see our next human figure drawing.

To find out more about the human figure drawing and it's effects on learning, go here.

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