Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olymp*cs: Great Fodder for Asking Questions

We watched the Opening ceremonies to the 2010 Olymp*cs--what a great time to ask some questions.

Why do you think the Prime Minister of Canada is attending this event?
Why is it important to take a minute of silence to honour the athlete who died while on his training run?
What significance does marching with a flag have?
On and on it went.
We even discussed why there were protesters and do you think it's right how they are treating the homeless in Vancouver in favour of a big event?
How do you think this man learned to write speeches? What skills did he use to write a speech?
How does hard work and meeting a challenge help the athletes who are at the Games?
Do you think storytelling through dance and music is effective? When have you told a story to dance and music?
What do you think of the famous soldier and the famous astronaut who carried in the flag ? Why were they chosen to represent Canadian?
Why is everyone waving flashlights?
How does singing the national anthem give you a sense of belonging to our country?
Why are we cheering on our athletes?

Normally when we watch TV I ask for silence so I can hear what is being said.
I'm starting to feel differently since mediated learning has become a part of our lives.

ML Technique Focus: Asking Questions

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