Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 8-12 Whirlwind week

It has been a busy, busy week.
The car was broken down to the tune of "Sorry, can you repeat that amount into my good ear?" or as the French would say, "Ohlala!" and the Italians would say, "Mama Mia." So rather than post the daily learning--here's a smorgasborg of our week...when we weren't test driving or buying a new vehicle!

Much oohing and ahhing over nature
A quick call on the Bananaphone to our friends all over the world
Locating flags on the map
Sticky tissue paper dresses
Puppet shows
oohing and ahhing over nature
Beaded necklaces for friends and family
A brand new artist is in town
A love affair with figs, pasta, basil and BUTTER!!!!
Mischief! Look to the bottom corner...that's spilled sugar
The puppet house is turned into a convenient robot head
Valentine love!

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