Sunday, November 7, 2010

Improving the Data Gathering Cognitive Function

Are you wondering how to get started on improving the Cognitive Function known as Data Gathering? Here are a few ideas to get things started. Remember that if you work to strengthen this cognitive function for 15-30 minutes a day for 5-7 days straight, you will see improvement and change. Be consistent and have fun!

Play Games
Games that require accuracy from you and your child will help strengthen this CF. When you spot inaccuracy, remember to use Process Questions to help them figure out the answer.
Here's a few games that are great to try with:
Guess Who

Have fun with the games. Show your child what happens when you play inaccurately. Discuss the importance of precision.

Calendar Communicator
This one is really simple to use with your kids. I use this with them (usually) every morning.
We take a look at the calendar on the wall. Our calendar lists all upcoming activities, appointments, birthdays for family near and far away, and special occasions. I review with my kids the events that this current week hold. Sometimes I touch on one or two items that are coming up in the month.
This technique has gone a long way in preventing pout sessions when someone asks, "Why can't we have the Eirich family over tomorrow?" I usually send them to the calendar and remind them of WHY we can't. Sometimes it's because of previous commitment, sometimes we have a busy week and I am jealous to guard our days of rest.
Spend some time talking about how misunderstandings can happen when you don't clearly communicate. (The ever-faithful, "I told you on Monday that we were having friends for dinner on Saturday. Remember?) Not that that happens in your house ;)

Take time to plan an event together from start to finish. It can be something as simple as cleaning their room to planning a party. Click here for post on birthday party planning that I did with my daughter. I only asked questions and required here to gather the necessary information to plan the event.

Pull a few stories from the good book to illustrate and discuss the consequences of error.
Some great stories for that are:
classic-Adam and Eve
David and Uriah
Eli, and his sons

Who doesn't love a good discussion on books? I suppose there are a few out there who don't but I haven't met them. Pull examples from stories that take about mistakes characters make that change everything because they failed to do the job accurately.

I play this game with my kids at home. I also do this with anyone in my family when I am asking them to do a task. Here's how you do it:

The basic premise of the game is to pretend like you are at a drive thru. When ordering, you usually talk into an intercom. The clerk, who is inside the building, will then repeat your order back to you over the intercom to clarify that they heard you correctly. This is a great communication technique to use in your home for all situations but can be practiced as a game to develop as a skill.

"Elaine, I need you to run around in a circle, stand on your head and sneeze 4 times for me."
"You need me to run around in a circle, somersault and sneeze 4 times?"
"No. I need you to run around in a circle, stand on your head and sneeze 4 times for me."
"Oh, I see. You need me to run around in a circle, stand on my head and sneeze 4 times for me."

There you have it. A few ideas to get you started. Please comment below on any ideas that you tried that have worked. Feel free to add games and stories to the list as well.

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