Friday, July 15, 2011

Asking for Trouble

I always help myself to Young Adult Fiction when I am at the library. I like to know what passes for good reading for today's youth. I grabbed the book Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd because I liked the snazzy cover.
And it was set in London.
But my surprise was great when I read the back and found out it was a story of a teenager living out her faith after a move overseas.
LOVED this book.
A lot of Christian youth books only name drop God or Jesus when crisis emerges. Not so in this book.
The author found a great way for this girl to constantly be reading scripture and applying it to her life.
She is an advice columnist for her school newspaper.
I just loved the way this character has a strong family life, a love for church and a commitment to do the right thing even after a few botched attempts at doing things her own way.
If you have teenagers 13 and up, or if you are a mom who needs a quick read, I recommend this book.

Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd

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