Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday June 28 2011

The morning games began with some cut out dress up dolls and their oh-la-la clothes
followed by garden chores and flower checking and catching up with neighbours
There was popsicle making and dreams of eating it right now
puzzles and playing
baseball catching--the ball is just about in the glove, cool photo!
Mad games of catch
Playing tag
Weeding, gardening, discovering
park play
picking lilacs
runnning down ramps
back home for some pre-Canada Day art
too hot, too buggy, back inside
inside to listen to Mr. Popper's Penguins
put together a Canada puzzle
play the A to Z game with Canadian names and places
play spot the difference
sort through beads
tell stories and make plans
get ready for swimming
Mom breaks favourite glass pitcher--boo!
eat up popsicles
walk down to the library and pick up new books--yay a Jim Weiss audiobook!
walk to pool...realized too late that we have missed public swim. Make plans to return
walk home with grumpy then good attitudes
get home and start reading new books
play with the neighbours
find a dead robin in neighbour's fountain
Daddy meets us at pool. He met two bikers travelling to Alaska from Brazil. Makes plans to hang out with them later on to collect adventure stories and take pictures
loving the summer weather on the walk home
and all the delights that meet us along the way
inside for a shot of hot chocolate
Decorations are dry and ready to go
and we talk about bedtime,
but first...
there is always time to sit in the tree

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