Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday June 20 2011

The forecast called for rain (boo!), so I grabbed my current book list. How about you? What are you reading this week?
Checking out my herb garden.
Admiring the neighbours gorgeous poppies
My eldest drew Desperaux. The main character from Kate DiCamillo's The Tale of Desperaux. Loved this book!
We went on a nature sketch hunt. We found fungi and flowers, but only sketched quickly as the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE.
We worked on our "Longest Day to Party Party" that we are hosting tomorrow. June 21 is our day to host the nieghbours over for a bonfire and smores. Our neighbours also get to enter the Great Tomato contest which should be a blast. And of course, one of them will win a zucchini plant. Come back tomorrow to see the shenanigans. Of maybe come back WEdnesay. I'll be out by the bonfire til the sun sets, so a blog post won't be happening.
A deluge of rain and hail. Our brave plants withstood the hail.
My kids worked on some critical thinking and planning skills as they put together food and to-do items for the event.
We found a weed and thought that we should show it to the editor of our newspaper.So we stopped into our town's little paper press and gabbed with the girls...and the cat and Digger, the dog, who all can be seen daily at our newspaper office.
Then we admired the old typewriter-ish thing that was set by the bowl of candies. Our admiration may have been a ruse as we really just wanted the candy.
We shopped for some groceries for the Yard Party and then saw this sky and hightailed it home.
Where some neighbours brought by dahlias, and we picked mint leaves to make our mint ice cubes for tomorrow's lemonade.

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