Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25

Spent a luxurious hour on the couch, after devotions, reading books...
Many books...dinosaurs, space, old ladies, poems, big and little, the moon (of course!) and some math books!
A fun book was How High Can a Dinosaur Count. My eldest didn't realize she was answering math questions with it until a tricky subtraction question came up. At first, she grumbled and wanted to close the book. But we talked about the blocks and what happens when we live a life without subtraction. I asked her if she wanted to try again, and she did. And she conquered the question (way to conquer that challenge!).
We loved the Math Curse A great book that introduced some new math concepts. Including fractions...

Explaining fractions
Talking about eighths and 16ths (eldest figured it out!)
Then chasing
And tickling
And wrestling
Guess who is making lunch today? Eldest. I just got to put some things away!
A few computer games
More moon talk
Watched first landing on the moon via you tube
Art stuff

Guess who's reading Math Curse by herself for the second time today?
Playing doctor
Burn hand on glue gun...real doctor game at home.
Nothing a cool compress can't soothe and then some stories
Donut man movie to take mind off the pain

Re-enactment of Saul of Taursus! The blinding light was quite a scene!
Rhyming, rhyming rhyming...please stop rhyming I'm trying to think
"Is that what stinks?"
"I said 'no more' "
And then ruckus laughter over The Stern Eye is given
The Daddy joins in on the best ways to evoke a Stern Eye from Mama! Comedy hour at our house, followed by the proclamation by our four year old, "I don't have any willpower! I don't!"
Of course not ;)

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