Friday, January 8, 2010

Letter c

The Letter C game!
While I'm writing the Letter C on a piece of paper, I have my preschooler trace this textured letter C with two of her fingers. As she traces it, we say, "This letter makes a Cuh sound."
Or we sing the LeapFrog song, "The C says cuh, the C says Cuh, every letter makes a sound, the C says CUH!"
Then we go on a treasure hunt for words that start with CUH. Like CUH-ar! Car...

and Cards!
We write the C words we find onto our drawing of the letter C.

Fill in any other "cuh" words onto the letter C.
(ie. cow, clue, cocoa beans, coffee, etc)
Write the word START at the top of the letter C, write the word END and the bottom of the letter C.
Start your engines. Find something to be game pieces. And grab a dice.
Roll the dice and have your preschooler count the number and move to the word corresponding with that number. Then have her say the word out loud. (ie. Couch. Couch starts with CUH!)
Take turns and watch your preschooler beat you to the finish line!
Play as many times as you like and develop a love for the letter C.

**please comment as to how effective my instructions are. I desire to make them easy and simple for you to follow. **

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