Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who knew so much could fit in so little a space?

Today I treaded where I having been fearing to go!
Our homeschool art supply closet!
It was a mess needless to say.

And then I got vigilant.
And I came across this little gem. I remember the day well. I didn't know what to do with my daughter after she had cut her sister's hair. So I had her write it out 10 times. Has anyone else made desperate discipline decisions like this?

I discovered that I have a lot of brown paper bags. I think they've been mating in the cupboards.
So i made them my sorting bags. I stuck everything that was not seasonal for right now into the separate containers of "Spring", "Summer" and Fall. Then I moved them to the garage where they can be July's problem when I decide to tidy that place out!

I left things in a calm and quiet and much thinned out state. Ahh! Ready for learning

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