Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday February 22 The Olympics at our house

Our friends arrive and we commence our incredible Olympic journey by building Inukshuks.

It 's tricky business trying to make them stand.

We came inside and made the Olympic flag and talked about what it symbolizes.

Then we had a snack break and made smoothies. We talked about Olympians and their need to have a particular diet in order to fuel their bodies for training and competing in races.
Then we played Don't Eat Pete!
We got busy making sugar cookies while the moms chatted about life.

Lunch time in the Olympic village was an array of food from other countries: Potato Wedges, Crepes and Thai spring rolls. Ymmm! Delish!

Melt the Ice dice game
A race with a feather in between your toe (Canada won)

A look at the medal standings chart after some of our sports were played
We then read a book about Levers. We learned all about force, load and fulcrums.

And then we put it into practice--by building walnut catapults.
All walnuts were harmed in the making of this event.

A game of curling among those Olympians who were still interested. A few were disqualified as they chose to climb into the (garbage bin) rocket ship and visit Mars instead of playing the game.
We came inside and warmed up by extinguishing the Olympic flame. Yes, we lit it and then made a baking soda/vinegar fire extinguisher and put it out!

Next was the bobsled race. We tried out different angles and textures (wax paper and tin foil) to see what would make our bobsled go quickly

Then we iced our medals and prizes for everyone. (This is the smartest idea ever! Thanks Lisa! Put icing into Ziploc bags, snip off the corner and away you go)
We took some time to go over some scriptures about crowns and winning races and we talked about what is really important in life.

We love the Olympics!

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