Friday, February 5, 2010

Precisely my point!

After our human figure drawing revelations came to the light, precision has become a key word around here.
Precision and accuracy.
And we are having so many conversations about it.
Today, we discovered Hobo Signs (thank you Kit Kittridge, the American girl) and spent all day making up little signs to stick all over the house to let everyone know who was a nice neighbour and who has good garbage.
Then my daughter made a key with every sign in it so that we can refer to it as a guide (she came up with all of this herself!)
We then talked about symbols being used for words and the proper use and spelling of words. Some symbols looked the same, but if you aren't accurate in depicting the symbol then you can mislead a fellow hobo.
And then we bridged that to spelling. Do the words we write need to be spelled accurately?
If so, why? What can happen if we don't spell words accurately?
And we had a nice little chat about communication and making sure everybody is understanding each other clearly.

Turns out I'm a cat symbol. A kind hearted lady.

ML Technique Focus: Precision and Accuracy

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