Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1-World Math Day!

We read some fun books on numbers to start things off. Then we practiced writing our numbers.
And then we turned our numbers into funny little men
We recycled an old workbook by cutting up pictures and putting them in our World Math Day book. There were some sums, comparisons and how many are there? pictures.
Target game. A great way to teach value placement: one, tens, hundreds
Numberbows. Roll two dice, add it up, match the color for your rainbow with the corresponding number
We read this book which is so gooood!
Tower building
Geometric shape art
We just traced the wooden blocks and then got out the markers
Escape outside to spot the first ladybug of the season. It's there...squint, you'll see it
Spying through the knotholes
Spying from the trees
Spotted: pussywillows
A game to help understand the concept of dividing. A little game I like to call...
..."Who cut the cheese?" Cut the cheese in half, and then half again, and then again and then again until....
the creating begins...pyramids...inukshuks...towers of cheese
Working on patterns
Playing Pythagoras
We went for a shape walk. I brought some wooden blocks and pulled them out of my pocket asking my crew to find the different shapes as we walked.
What is a World Math Day without some Connect the Dots
A game of estimation. This was a bigger hit than i first anticipated. We kept changing the amount in the dish and then guessing and counting how many were in the bowl.

Now it's off to have a night full of One Eyed Jack games and a round of Blokus.
What did you do for World Math Day???

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Camie said...

Sounds like so much fun! I like the shape finding game!