Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday March 15

I have been thinking about teaching my four year old to print. We've done a couple of worksheets and games, but nothing consistent. And then to my surprise she announced to me today that she taught herself to print the alphabet!
Texture painting for St Patrick's day art
We found an old lapbook on the eye. We reviewed it and naturally it inspired us to do one today.
Reading together
Jumping game
Learning what a samovar is
Some great links for the history of St. Patrick's Day
History and copywork items-here
and crafts-here
Mischief! Yes, that is a clothespin in my son's hair!
Do you ever do those fun sticker books that label the stickers? We use the leftover bits for a lapbook....
See? Just cut the stickers out and make a lapbook page with them.
Reading, reading, reading

Yes, that's a diaper on the top of the living room fan!

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Camie said...

lol! Now how did that end up there?!! lol

So much fun at your house! Love it!