Thursday, March 4, 2010

A woman's work is never done

I've gone through most of the blog. Whew!
I've added a lot of links to previous posts.
I've created the ML Criteria list. This list is a quick reference guide to all of the 9 criteria that help Mediation be successful. These will help you when you read a blog post. You can click on the purple criteria word and go straight to the definition so that you can understand the full picture of what exactly is being mediated.
I've also tagged every post so that if you are wondering how to mediate a situation of Belonging, you can click on the tag on the side called "Mediating Belonging" and perhaps be inspired (I hope you'll be inspired!)

Anyway, thanks for those who have given feedback on the blog. Expect a lot more as I'm heading into two more days of Mediating Learning workshops...which naturally means I'll be all fired up to be more mediational and you will get a whole new slough of information.
Lucky you!

1 comment:

Therese said...

Great new look to your blog.
I think traffic is going to go up once the WISDOM mag comes out.