Thursday, April 22, 2010

All bets are off because the cape is at the dry cleaners

Ok, so Poetry days are off. I can only handle so much and this is one ball that is going to get dropped so I can juggle the others.

And I might just need to clarify something...
I am not super-mom. I am a super mom to my kids, but not The Super Mom. My cape is at the dry cleaners and therefore, I don't have it. And as we all know it's a universal truth that you can't use your super powers unless you have your cape.
So, there.
Not so super anymore.

And to prove it. Here's why I have not been blogging of late:
I'm spring cleaning.
Now in a tiny place like ours you think that'd be no problem.
But ...we live in a tiny place with very little storage. So everything must be gone through.
And then I thought, why not do things Laura Ingalls style and wash down walls and all that jazz.
I did not factor in the fact that I had kids.
It would seem that my mediating skills left me and I felt it necessary to just shoot from the hip. Bad idea.
What began as scrapbooking the very last of my pictures...
Soon brought the realization that my garage needed cleaning at the same time as my house. Which lead to this. (A great mediating post coming up on having your kids get rid of STUFF!)
But while I spring cleaned the kitchen, mischief happened in the hallway
(that is not a box of Crispy Rice at the bottom...because we would never eat junk! It's a universal truth that super heroes don't eat cardboard with vitamins added to it).
So I turn around to straighten and organize my hallway, but the kids escape and I find their hideout (I didn't lose all my spidey-sense when I dropped off the cape to be cleaned)
Yes, so when you clean a tiny space that really has no room to move in, and your kids co-operate by voluntarily cleaning out other cupboards, you realize that being a super mom is not for you.
You call the dry cleaners and tell them that you won't be picking that item up and that they can discard it for all that matters.
There is something more important to do:

It's called sleep.


Camie said...

Great post! Loved it!!! I might just get rid of that cape too...and sleep!!

the lady of the house said...

Ummmm... yeah. Have you been keeping this blog a secret from me. HOW DARE YOU! I lurrrrve this post. Too cute. Happy Weekend Deary and thanks so much for the sweet comment and advice. You're a doll. ((Hugs))SJ

Anonymous said...

Yep, this it life! I call our house a 'Living House' with Charlotte Masons child-love in mind.
I now will shut down my computer for some spring-cleaning as well :-)