Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Change: Not just loose coins in your pocket

We've taken to eating differently.

We're almost raw foodists.
It's easier to say that then sugar-free, gluten-free, meat free except for farm fresh eggs and the occasional salmon and dairy free except for organic butter (because I will not give up butter, no, no I will not)

Anyway, it's brought a lot of interesting discussion.
Mainly a resistance to change.

Can you bring your family to a place of change concerning food? You betcha!
here's how

Define the Problem (Intentionality and Reciprocity)
Do we like having these particular health issues? What do we need to do to solve them? How can nutrition change or help our bodies?

Long-Term Options (Bridging)
What do you think happens when you don't feed your body good things? What does the Bible say about our health? Do you think we can glorify God with our food habits?

Pay-OFF (Infuse Meaning)
How is it going to feel when our bodies are cleansed and we've got all these detox nasty things out of our bodies? How do you think we'll sleep? Do you think we'll be grouchy?

One thing we have taken the time to do, is to find out what is in the food we eat and what part of the body it effects.
For example, we drank some vegetable juice with parsley in it. We talked about how parsley cleanses our kidneys and helps them function like they are supposed to. Then we talk about how the kidney has been made to recognize what is good and only let in what is good for this organ. It is constantly bombarded with things that aren't meant for it but rather than having to identify what is bad and shouldn't let in, it focuses on what is good and only looks for the good things to take in.
How does that relate to our relationship with God and living holy? Do we have a long list of things we need to say no to or do we familiarize ourselves with all the things He loves so that we can immediately focus our hearts on what is good for us?

Changing taste buds, changing hearts can all be done by using mediated learning and some carrot juice.

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