Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Make a Poem...Happen!

Today we are making this poem happen.
We are trying some of what this poem suggests (pictures to follow):

31 ways of eating Peanut Butter
by Charles Wilkins

On a biscuit
on a bun
On your finger
On your thumb
with a little wild mustard
with a little mild custard
in the North
In the West
In a seer-sucker vest
on the back of a toboggan
on a roller coaster ride

baked or

Take it with a grain of salt
Or a little pinch of snuff
Eat it off your elbow if your tongue is long enough

In the closet
In a bed
On a piece of brown bread

On a fork
On a stick
When you're well
When your sick

With a peanut in the middle
With a cherry on top
You can drop it down your gullet
with a peanut butter plop

Standing still or on the run
And that is thirty one
...or is it thirty-two?

All the many ways there are of eating peanut butter
And none of them is really any better than the other

So if you like to spread it on the bottom of your shoe
And scrape it off and eat it
It's entirely up to you

Will it really matter any way in 50 years or so
How we ate our peanut butter 50 years ago?

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Anonymous said...

I am going to print this poem and act it out. Many thanks for your lovely poetry-inspiration.