Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking time to say thank you

On Friday, a few Wisdom moms and our kids went down to visit our local MLA. (He's our political representative)
The original reason was because we had heard some rumors about the government making some changes to the way homeschooling is set up here. In particular, rumors about changing contracted out homeschool authorities.
We banded together and wrote letters and were ready to make our case.

And then, thankfully, I had new information given to me that the issue has been put to the side for now.

We went forward with our meeting but with a new agenda. Gratitude and Blessing!

Our kids had the unique experience of watching their mom's thank the MLA for all his hard work and firmly say that we love the way things are, please don't change anything. And then the mom's got to watch as their kids thanked the MLA and asked him questions about his life in office.

This opportunity was very interesting as we learned about who he is and the highs and lows of his work and his devotion to his family.
At the end of our time, we asked him if we could pray for him as we wanted to bless those who were in authority. He said that he'd be honoured.
I almost got teary with this opportunity. What a treasured moment to be able to pray for those in authority right there in front of us. And what a great lesson to teach my children: we can pray for anyone, anytime,anywhere.

This is a good time (if you live in this province) to meet with your MLA and thank them and communicate with them that we don't want anything changed. Our province has a lot more freedom then other provinces. Let's be thankful for what we have and let those in authority know about it!

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the lady of the house said...

thinking about what i'm going to do for school for my boys stresses me out. i think i could handle homeschooling but my husband isn't a big fan of it... and that is the way i'm leaning right now.