Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unwittingly Prepared for Next Year

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are purging our toys and all of the contents of our cupboards. Yay!

Now, I came across an astonishing amount of good intentions.
I had piles of books, little games, art projects, etc. that have sat in the cupboard.
All year.

How could this be? I am constantly scratching my head with new things to make the month interesting and ways to inspire me and the kids with our learning. And all this time they laid buried in the cupboard.

Well, not anymore, friends!
Because look what I found in my cupboards:

Paper bags!!! Not just any ordinary paper bags. Paper bags that are quickly becoming my redemption. Because I labelled them as followed:
Yes. The months of the year.
I'm making gift bags for myself. I'm stuffing into each of these bags all of the different art projects and doodads that I've been meaning to do but totally forgot they existed.
I can hardly wait for next's years homeschool year when I go to the closet each month and bring out fresh ideas! And you know how excited my kids will be when they see a mix of old toys and new things to create with.

And guess how clever I am?
Oh yes, I stuck seasonal things in each bag. This year I AM READY for fall time crafts and Rememberance Day celebrations. I am on it!
Thank you Lord for good ideas and for dropping them into my brain!

quick tip: Don't forget to mediate yourself while you go through your stuff. Asking yourself the essential questions of:
1. Why have I not used this? (did I forget, not really interested, it didn't fit the theme of our learning this year)
2. When could I use these? Will my children be interested in this? How could we tie it in with a seasonal or biblical theme?
3. Do I know anyone who could get better mileage out of this than our family?

There you have it. Now, go to your closets and organize for next year.
I hope you have pretty, sparkly bags too!

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