Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schedule changes? Mediation to the Rescue

So, summer is approaching and that means a change in scheduling for us.
Not really anything big, just little things.

But sometimes as a mom of little kids I can forget that I can't keep our schedule all to myself.
It's REALLY important thatI communicate to my kids that they know what to do each day.
Because if they don't...
it's "Mom, I'm hungry. Mom, she touched me. Mom, there's nothing to do."

That drives me up the wall, around the bend and off to zone-out land.
So, to combat that, I need to have a scheduled routine that let's my kids know what they should be doing and when they should do it.

(Insert a song and dance for Teri Maxwell, creator of Managers of Their Home. I love you, Teri! You are a genius!)

Because there's no greater pleasure for a mom then pointing to the schedule board when they say, "I'm hungry." (Fruit bowl on the table or wait until designated snack time. 10 points for mom for not losing her cool!)

or..."there's nothing to do" is met with a quick journey to the schedule to see that, oh yes, it's reading quietly time (25 points for mom for not rolling her eyes and saying "Oh please!"!)

...and my kids fight less when they have something to do...otherwise, they get bored and hit each other. (Note to self: find ways to cultivate creativity that don't involve bodily harm)

So, all of that above spiel is to lead up to this tiny little blog post point:

*When you need to make adjustments to your schedules, mediate them!

How do we do that?

Oh, you'll have to come back later this week when I reveal more mysteries of the deep.

**I may or may not be writing on a full night's sleep

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