Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday July 27

A perfect day for watching clouds. What will the day bring?
A haircut. A result from a story we read. A girl was living in the 1920's and got a "bob" haircut.
My eldest asked if she could. I shrugged, "Why not? It's only hair! It'll grow back!" She wanted to be called "Bob" for the rest of the day.
Mailing off a package to a friend
Buddy has his own adventure today and needs to be rescued by the Broom Patrol Unit comprised of myself, and three kids
The results of last night's rain

Ah, the sweet smells of summer
Let's make tin can lanterns! (She looks so cute in her safety goggles)
When you make tin can lanterns, you must freeze water inside them so you have something solid to nail into
Naturally, this lead to ice-play with food colouring
and food colouring can be messy
messy and fun
Autocumulus clouds--it is a good day for cloud watching
The latest thing is talking about "Googol of...". My eldest is practicing writing out the number Googol. She is also talking about how I should hurry up because it is taking a googol of hours for me to finish and it will be a googol of hours before we can go...
much needed rest
followed by berry picking
A happy yield of goodness
We went bananas over bananas at the store tonight (we like making smoothies). We lost count at 40 bananas
A soft candle glow...

from our tin lanterns

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