Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday September 10

The day began with me not feeling so well and a pledge to stay on the couch....

and learn about nutrition.
Play some Monopoly and have my 7 year old monopolize properties and win the game!
My daughter found a workbook in our "fun drawer" and wanted to try a few things out

Discussions on life jacket, safety and swimming

Dictionary look up for the word:mandatory

Character Training: a little game I like to call "Yes, Mom, I'd be Happy to do that!"
Proof that my kids are the greatest kids ever. While on the phone with my grandmother they made me special treats. Check out my kebab with the beans. They did this to make me feel special. I am among the most loved in the world.

Baking without a recipe--my eldest loves to create
Reading more books
My seven year old just got a book with her Dad. They went to the store and bought the book in the Dear Canada series regarding the Depression. She's reading it all by herself. Sniff! sniff! We usually read them outloud but this time she wanted to read it herself. It was done in three days. It's official. My daughter is an avid reader.

My middle child loves this tape. We play it a lot.... inspired math games, so we played Double Shutter and used the abacus to learn how to subtract

Soap making via inspiration from the Melendy family in the book "The Saturdays"

And what is the day without a little bit of mischief from our little man?
A very dull day indeed.

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Muthering Heights said...

That sounds like my kind of day! :)