Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Learning

We've been around and learning when we haven't been running up and down the road to hospital appointments for my man.
Good news: He doesn't need surgery! Yay!
Yay! with high kicks, pom-poms and some cheesy cheer that spells the word Yay! one letter at a time: Y-A-Y exclamation point

We've received mystrious packages containing precious goodies, like:
Geopuzzles! Yay! Y-A-Y!
We've watered the garden while it rains
Geo boards
Shucking corn
trapping spiders
practicing cursive
Yes, that laptop is ancient. My husband's first laptop and it's travelled with us many a year. My daughter does typing on this. I consider this a history lesson in the progress of technology.
Friends brought us meals. This is the best way to help people during a rough patch, I think.
My daughter has now started reading this book and LOVES it.
A horribly dark picture of our littleclock book indicating that we learned about time...perhaps in a dark room
A sideways picture proving that I know very little about iphoto and how things load in that photo program--this is a swan made of tanagrams or as my box calls them "Pythagoras"
A stop at the library
Made friends with a toad
played kitchen outside
Read this book, made a pie, destroyed all evidence of pie in a matter of minutes

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