Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cognitive Function in Output: Behaviour

When this Cognitive Function is adequate/appropriate the child will:

*wait with an answer until all the information has been systematically processed.

*balance the desire to complete a problem or a task quickly with need to devote proper attention to complete the problem or task accurately.

*use good exploration strategies to make an accurate response

* work through all incoming information thoroughly and systematically in order to come to a proper conclusion

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate/impulsive or acting out the child will:

*behave inappropriately

*give careless answers without adequate thought to detail

* reach a wrong conclusion without taking the time to gather information properly and plan answer

*give the correct response in one modality but not another

*say the first thing that comes to mind in order to impress others with a swift and prompt response

Strategies to Correct Impulsive or Acting Out Behaviour

Areas you can mediate:

*Self-regulation-the parent encourages self-control
*Meaning- the parent provides a reason for control
* Competence- the parent praises reflective thinking

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