Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday October 12 '10

All the turkey has been eaten and it's back to learning about life

Many books read, followed by a story inspired discussion on time, clocks and timers
many more story books--final call for all the books going back to the library today
Then we read this book....which inspired us to make this:
It looks like just a beach right now....but wait...
It soon becomes a channel that carries fish to the sea...like the book we read.
And then we made the great lakes, islands and all sorts of water and sand things
Lacing pictures and hanging them on the wall
Studying art
Estimation will meet it's decimation in the hands of my eight year old!
Velcro calendar play
Trip to the library where we only took out 60 books this time (compared to 80 last time)
off to the park to play with friends for...
twisting fun
and spinning play


Lesley said...

Looks like a practically perfect day to me!

Chick said...

I love your project ideas, and I will be using some of them with my own kids :) Thanks so much!