Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cognitive Function in Elaboration Phase: Select Relevant Cues

When this Cognitive Function is adequate the child will:
*choose and use the correct and appropriate information needed to solve a problem
*define the goal and select from a number of cues only those that are specifically relevant to meet the particular goal
*decide what aspects will be useful in a particular situation
*view all options purposefully in order to differentiate between relevant and appropriate information, as opposed to irrelevant and inappropriate information

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate the child will have difficulty:
*finding the main points of a text
*extracting the moral of a story
*sticking to the point in an argument, discussion or debate
*finding points to substantiate an argument
*solving problems that require discrimination and elimination of irrelevant alternatives (ie. multiple-choice answers, word problems)
*learning large sections of material for tests and exams

Strategies to Correct an Inability to Select Relevant Cues
Areas you can use Mediated Learning in:
*Meaning-the parent encourages the use of the mind maps, having a picture in our head
*Goal Planning-the parent mediates the strategy for reaching a goal
*Self-regulation & Control of Behaviour-the parent encourages a methodical approach

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