Sunday, November 7, 2010

Honest Commitment to Mediated Learning

What does an honest commitment to Mediated Learning look like?

I've gotten the hang of asking my kids questions rather than telling them everything as a means of learning.
I've learned how to incorporate the Core and the Criteria of Mediated Learning into discussions with my children and even with my husband.
I'm now starting to wade into the "cognitive function" waters--to be honest, the notes have overwhelmed me and the books have seemed too big to handle.

The truth is that if I'm truly going to commit to having Mediated Learning in my home, I have to clean a few corners of my heart.
To use Mediated Learning in my home means that I need to serve my family in a way that may demand and require that I lay down my selfishness.

I love my time. Each day I have my own time. Time where I like to reflect, write, think, read, dream or pray. It's essential for me.
I am invigorated by quiet contemplation and planning.
Recently, I have been working on a project that is allowing me to pour myself creatively into something that has become special to me.
and there's always a but...
But I'm also needing time to be a bit more thoughtful and prayerful about Mediated Learning in our home. What it looks like? How will I go about strengthening a certain cognitive function? What are we seeing that needs work on?
And that is going to require some of my time. The time I have set aside for me.

In truth, it probably won't take much time to think through a few things, to strategize and pray about how to spend time strengthening and mediating our family.
and there's always a but...
there's a corner of my heart that is begrudging the fact that I need to lay myself aside.
It's that old selfish sin that demands, "I have a right to my time."

and there's always a but...
following Christ's example, means laying down your rights and serving others around you.

So, to me...right now, an honest commitment to mediated learning looks like laying down my selfishness and serving my family in a new way.

It's time for change.

I think I've written a post or two on that.
Hmmm....time to practice what I preach--in a new and deeper way.

Join me as it all unfolds.

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