Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday November 8

Learning never exhausts the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

I miss my camera.
I miss taking pictures of our crazy antics during the day. I
It really provides a visual sense that--yes, we are learning. It soothes me on the days when I think "Are we learning anything?"
Then I look back at our pictures and say, "Yeah. We are."

But until my camera is back with me, I have taken to list making.
Here's what my crew did today:

Pancakes with ice cream (don't ask!)
Devotions and chores
Ruckus hockey games
sword making
attack of the pirates
which of course lead to me brandish my newly made sword
Sword fight ensues...
Eldest made whipping cream
fridge magnets
measuring and subtracting
rescue mission to toys lost under the fridge
train sets
doll making
light kit arrives
driving around in our automobile
visit to friends place
reading more books
Sweet Brie Pie--my husband's amazing quiche
snuggles and love
phone calls to far away family
baths and bed
blogging for Mom
light kit setting up for Dad
Contented smile from this cozy house

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