Sunday, November 7, 2010

Six o'clock scheduling news

(cue scary and intense sounding 6 o'clock news music)
Good evening.
This late bulletin has just been handed to me.
(glance down at important looking document and raise face to the camera with an expression of grave concern)

Everything you thought you knew; and everything you have been told about scheduling:
Junk it.
Scrap it.
File 13 it.

(Lean in toward the camera to indicate an intense informational moment is upon the viewer)

Here's what we know:
For years, the homeschooling mother has been told to schedule, schedule,schedule.
Make everything into half hour time slots and run your household like a military training regime--verbage use of referring to time in 1300 hours is optional.

The pressed upon mother feels a sense of defeat when she is constantly behind the clock.
Oh sure, it worked for a few days. But then life got in the way and she found herself pulling out her hair and positive that she just needed to get her act together but feeling like she never could.

A document surfaced today releasing the following statement:
Routine over Schedule.

We go live now to blogger 5minutemom to find out what this is all about.

5minutemom: Thank you, Lloyd.
Today's breakthrough for homeschool moms is an exciting day in the history books and hallowed halls known as "Peace of Mind."
I'm rallying a group of women to rise to the cause of scrapping this non-sensical 'schedule' idea.
This whole "schedule" idea stems from the mythological idea of time management. Time management was created so that we could STUFF as many things as possible into our day--you know, get all our responsibilities done, work on all our relationships and really enjoy life.

Lloyd: And you're saying that's no longer effective.

5minutemom: That's exactly, what I'm saying, Lloyd. It's time to scrap the schedule. It's not about how many things can I CRAM into a day--that's not enjoying life.

Lloyd: But,surely, a schedule helps people stay on track with what they need to do.

5minutemom: Well, Lloyd, we're not talking about any kind of people here. We're talking about homeschool moms. And while you do have a point about staying on track with day-to-day events outside the home, I want to suggest a new and radical concept.

(silence for a moment to build anticipation of this groundbreaking concept)

5minutemom: Routine.

Lloyd: Routine? Did I hear that right?

5minutemom: You did, Lloyd. And before you get skeptic on me and say 'Isn't that the same thing as schedule?" Let me assure, emphatically: it. is. not.
Routine means having an order to things. Doing things in the exact same order every single time you do it. Schedule means having a time slot allotted to each and every waking moment, and even a time slot for sleep. Routine doesn't punch a time clock--scheduling does.

Lloyd: Can you give us an example?

5minutemom: I never thought you'd ask, Lloyd. Let's take the morning routine at my home.
We get up, get dressed, make our bed, brush our hair, and then eat breakfast.
Simple and effective.
The old way of doing things would have us living by a schedule that says:
7 am Wake up and get ready for the day
followed by
7:15 am Eat Breakfast
But Lloyd, what happens when you wake up at 8 am because you were all up late enjoying a visit with friends until wee hours of the morning. Or a child is sick in the night and you need a half hour more rest before you can face the day. Do you know what happens, Lloyd?

Lloyd: Your schedule gets messed up?

5minutemom: Exactly! BUT, if you have a routine that you stick to, it won't matter what time you get up because you can just do the morning routine and then jump into life. The routine remains the same no matter what time you get up. No matter what time you go to bed. No matter how many times Fed Ex comes to your door with something you ordered. Routine stays in place even though time marches on.

Lloyd: This is a radical concept. Do you think the homeschooling world will join you?

5minutemom: Well, not everyone will. Scheduling works well for some people and that's ok. They can do their thing. I just need to get the word out that there's a new way to go about having order in your home. Actually, it's an old way but it's gone out of style and I'm bringing it back.

Lloyd: Wow! You're bringing back retro ideas and giving them a new spin. If only you could do that in regards to men wearing fedora type hats in public again.

5minutemom: One crusade at a time, Lloyd. One crusade at a time.

Lloyd: Thank you, 5minutemom.
This has been an important bulletin to let the homeschooling community know. Schedule is out, routine is in. Routine is the new schedule. Update your iphone and go tell the world.

(cue scary and intense sounding 6 o'clock news music)

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