Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday 3.14.11

Today we started with drawing pictures

Reading stories and chasing each other around the house

I've been working on some different manners for our family to practice.Today we practiced "interrupting" each other when we are on the phone or in the middle of doing something.
"Excuse me?" And then we practiced waiting for phone conversations to finish. This was important because lately there has been a lot of ruckus in the background and a lot of me saying, "Keep it down. I'm on the phone." And my kiddos were amazing later on in the day when a friend called and we spoke for over half hour. Who knew that 5 minutes of practice could gain us so much peace of mind????
Mix and match

This was a fun craft. I have loads of scrap construction paper. We ripped them up into little pieces and then glued them into coloring book pages. Loads of fun
Continued reading of Arabian Nights...

Professor Noggin Dinosaur game

Flying airplanes in the wind
Playing house
Making quick sand outside
Coming up with various methods to fly paper on a string
Creating swamp water for dinosaurs using food colouring

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