Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday 03-31-11

Today started with baking
My daughter wanted to make rolls and I wanted to make muffins.
So we did!
Then mad cleaning and story reading and starfall games
Then my eldest decided that she should make some money. off to the neighbours to sell the rolls-$2.00 a piece!
Then off for a walk
A visit to the library. Our librarians also bought some rolls.
Noah's ark awaits to be filled with all the animals
A stop at the thrift store to pick up some extras
The walk home: sun, wind and blue sky
Back inside to finish our nature walk collections.
A few days ago, we collected sticks while on our nature walk.
Then we glued them onto paper and :
Watercolour mess!
Only a few rolls left
More baking-Saskatoon berry pie
Looking over some of the treasures found at the Thrift store
Discussions on safety
Plan making for an upcoming visit at a friends house
Musings on life and other things
Loving this book.
And ending the day with a nutritional lesson on over-eating via the old woman who swallowed a fly.

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