Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday 3-29-11

The morning started with apple pie. As we figured out fractions and came up with ways to divide the pieces of seemed to be a sign that today would be a math and number day.
First, we pretended to play store and pie had to be purchased. "Pennies for Pie" was our store and I made a good chunk of change this morning.

Yesterday we decided we were tired of having these weird crayons we had once made from muffin tins. So we decided to cut them up and shave them in order to make pressed wax art.
After we finished cutting and shaving the crayons, we decide that we are sick of wax and want to do something else.
Then the dinosaur was hungry, so we fed him.
Easter egg play
Mad dancing
Tower building
Math-u-see workbook
It's beautiful out! Time to take the dolls out for a stroll
Collecting nature pieces for art
We read and acted out the book Spaghetti and Meatballs for all: a mathematical story.
The story is about a husband and wife who invite 30 people for spaghetti dinner. All throughout the book the have to figure out how to seat everyone. They come up with a plan but the guests keep changing it. Great mediated discussion on planning.
WE followed the book along by making 8 tables with 4 chairs...
Then we followed what the characters did in the book, and pushed two tables together. Mayhem ensues! Where will the others sit?
We continued to copy what the characters did in the book and found multiple ways to seat people around the table. Then we ate some spaghetti.
Using the Family math book we played an Algebra game called "3 Bean soup". Using 3 different beans wehad to come up with various soup combinations. My dauighter likened the game to Brain Benders.
Easter egg art with our wax crayon shavings
The finished pictures that now hang on our window. Pressed and ironed wax art.
more games with beans and a make-it-yourself weigh scale
Art using up all the toothpicks and beans
A walk outside again. Collections and groupings of different nature items. Perhaps we can use some for a craft tomorrow. hmmmmm.....

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