Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Days in April 2011

Lots of chic(k) art
We made little chicks: Rockin`Chick, Happy Chick, Chick with lipstick chick
This was a thought provoking art project.
It started when were playing with some string and someone said something about a whip.
I thought that it would be interesting if we could whip a piece of paper with red paint to represent how Jesus was flogged. So we made a paint whip and this was the result.
My youngest girl and I tried it again with a toothpick as she couldn`t get the hang of the whip technique

Studying the insides of lilies
Of course, we coloured eggs
Ta-da! Finished eggs
A matching game of Rotten Eggs
I mixed up the egg top and bottoms for a different game of match up
Lincoln log buildings
My eldest decided to make a restaurant called The Wooden House after her Lincoln Log house. This is one of the menus.

We did an Easter Egg hunt that followed the Passion Week and all the activities that happened during that week. We read the scriptures during dinner and examined all the parts. (click here to find it)

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