Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday 4-8-11

Wake up to a light dusting of snow and fresh, fresh air
And then, naturally, we go on a bear hunt...about three or four times
Outdoor time
Run around in circles and sing song time
Another bear hunt
Read books...many books
and nap
We opened up a watermelon and found that it was a bit past it's prime. So we decided to puree it and make it into watermelon ice cream

Then we danced
and read
and sang songs
and talked about The Sign of the Beaver book
and then inspiration took place when folding the dinner napkins
The napkins became the perfect bandanas. And thus was born The Adventures of The Bandana Bunch. Bandana Bob, Bandana Brad, Bandana Ben work together to conquer the West...On their kitchen broom horse named Bandana Broom
And this is the Bandana Mama who rustles up some grub.
After the West was won and settled, we played word games
and practiced reading
and re-lived the many adventures of the Bandana Bunch

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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