Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday 04-04-11

Ok, so this morning I woke up at my friend's house. She and her hubby are off on an adventure for the day.
Naturally, as a responsible friend I felt it only right to start the day with marshmallows.

I found some marshmallows in the cupboard. i located the toothpicks and said, "Hey, look what I found." Then I left them on the table. Within a few minutes I had some interested minds working at the table.

bridges, houses, extensions and pyramids were built
and then dismantled and eaten
I noticed the Rice Krispies in the cupboard and thought, "Hey, I know what to do! Let's make nests."
I had this brilliant idea to use plastic egg cups to help form the impressions in the nest. Folks, that doesn't work. Save yourself some time. Just use your hands and form them.
And then...a whole lot fo mayhem and foolishness was going on with some wild dancing, tag-like game

making new friends
many requests for food (didn't we just eat???)
Chasing Lucy the cat
stencil art
marshmallow eating
Blue Fairy book stories at
Human Body book
fridge magnet letter fun
and chasing Lucy the cat
trampoline fun
feeding rabbits
discussions about the wind
magnet filing magic
I gave my little buddy some paint, strings and marbles. I set him up on the floor and said, "Have at it!" It was so amazing to watch him create. Here he is rolling marbles in paint. Move over Jackson Pollock
splatter paint by my girl
Sparkly human figure drawing
sticker art
And as time went on, my little buddy expanded his art efforts and tied a string to the paintbrush and swung it back and forth to create new designs
a talk about composting
more Librivox
chemistry explorations

more painting
and chasing Lucy the cat

We start cooking up part two to this morning's brilliant plan
My little buddy got into drawing in a big way. He made a street and then put the cars on the road. He glued them on it. I should probably let his mother know.

Listen to the Horse and His Boy
hanging out on the couch
watching out the window
chasing Lucy the cat

Cutting out cookies. We used a plastic egg as the cookie cutout
lego play
dolls and horses

Then it was
building forts and secret hideouts
and chasing Lucy the cat
Time to decorate the cookies
Look at the myriad of sprinkles we used
Serious sprinkle work going on here
Everyone stops for a mad game of spinning
Back to the grind in the Easter egg production line
close up of the cookies

Those are a lot of Easter egg cookies--who will eat those, I wonder?

Then there was more Librivox and The Yellow Fairy book
Games of musical chairs
Bouncing on the trampoline
Eating bowls of Cincinatti Chili
making new friends
and chasing Lucy the cat
And for desset--Rice Krispie birds nests!

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