Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday April 11

Write, write, scratch it out, write, write, write
Does anyone else have a child who does not like to use their eraser or white-out?
Whaddup wit dat?
Hurricane Trouble happens in my living room, but admist the ruins two children find a chance for solace from a book
Bubble painting
Bubbles mixed with paints=bubble paint
Gratitude journals
Great discussions about life
Learning new words
A mountain meal. Curry with all the fixings!
Read books...loads of them. I think we are all low on creativity today so we're just hanging out reading books
we took these items and made this:

A garden tomb.
There's a cross, and a tomb that has a stone that rolls away and we have our Easter lily and some seeds that should sprout and grow in time for Easter
Easter puzzles and games

Happy Monday!

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