Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaking Down A Block

A recipe for breaking down a Blocking Attitude in your child.

Preheat the situation to 180 degrees from a learning attitude.

1 child (or 2, as many as four. Five is overdoing it and six is being a show off)
1 big problem (can substitute with huge, humongous, or enormous problem)

Mix said ingredients together.
Stick in situation for five minutes until frustrated attitude is prevalent.
Wait until you hear the words, "Mom, I can't do this."
Once magic request is heard, apply home remedy to restore situation to proper attitude of learning.

Home Remedy
Apply one of the 5 w's (What is the problem? Where are you having trouble? Why all the fuss? Who is telling me that they've run into a bit of a gaff? When do the problem start to get frustrating?)

Once applied, continue repeated applications until the problem is identified.
Once identified use extracting tool to find solution.

How to Operate an Extraction Tool
Using this multi-faceted tool, first apply the jack knife. Slice through the problem, and asking questions all the while, determine whether or not this problem can be broken down into sequential steps.
Using the magnifying glass, compare size of each piece of information.
Using tweezers, pick the largest piece of the puzzle and solve that particular step. Follow suit with the next piece and so on until problem is solved.

Blocking is undone.
Learning has occurred.
Good has been done here.

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ann said...

a parable of brilliance, my friend.