Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Tuesday May 24 2011

It's raining outside today.
We are inside, cozy and warm.
It's a day full of reading and talking and playing board games.
We read The Memory String and decided to make one of our own.

Brain Teasers game that had us riddling our way through problems.
Magic math triangles
Connect Four
Jillian Jiggs made a monster machine...three different times. (My son's favourite story that he wants read repeatedly)
We brought out the newest "yard sale" finds. Played many rounds of Panic, a word game.
Many rounds of Mancala
Read One Hundred Dresses
Discussed Archimedes and his theories of buoyancy and gravity. We are reading a fun book called Archimedes and the Door of Science
The day called for a few rounds of Curious George games online
Followed by a reading of The Bee Tree
Discussions on Self-regulation and reviewing scriptures that talk about anger
My eldest took this picture. Today she wanted to learn Chinese characters and practiced many symbols from the book "My Pet Dragon."

Outside for a few rounds of worm collecting. A total of ten new worms have been added to the garden

Bowls of ice cream
Watching clips of Singin in the Rain via youtube
Playing with neighbours

Sitting down to steaming stew for supper
Happy Rainy Day!

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