Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friday May 27

This morning we decided to make cinnamon rolls. We have a great recipe from the Wisdom cook book. And while we ate our cinnamon rolls we talked about what we wanted to do for our Egyptian day.
Well, we absolutely had to invite our friends over.

We made some tinfoil boats for the Egyptians to ride on down the Nile

Our make shift Nile. We enjoyed flooding the banks so the silt could rise up on the banks and the farmers could farm once the waters receded. Then we dyed it blue with food colouring, which brought a discussion on what color the water truly was. Yellowy-brown was the finally decision as dirt turns the water different colours.
Tea staining our parchment
Bringing out the clay, we wrote on stone tablets in hieroglyphs. And then placed them on a pan to bake.

And then everyone learned why following the exact heating instructions on the clay is important.
A special fashion show took place as I was shown all the latest articles of clothing the everyday farmers, servants, and royalty wear. Blue socks, huh? Who'd have thought?!
Once our parchment dried we tried our hieroglyphs again. One message said: I am Prince Tutankhamun. Who are you? We used ink.
Mischief! And then we misused ink!
Finally we mummy wrapped a very special stuffed animal.
Bob will never be the same after this mummifying experience
After all was said and done, we walked our friends home. And then Daddy and eldest got caught in a rain shower coming back.
Blissful day!

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