Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glorious Tuesday May 31 2011

WE woke up to a gorgeous morning and decided we would take our neighbours for a nature walk

We strolled by the river and talked about flooding. What causes it? What happens to our houses?
What would we take if we had to evacuate?
Back at home, we unloaded our nature buckets and decided to draw our findings
Mischief! Look who climbed a tree while Mom wasn't looking! (Look who took a picture when she should have been retrieving her son down from the tree!)

Nature drawings (love the labels!)

Science experiments on light and shadows, summer and winter and our axis to the sun
more science experiments
Science experiment: tried to pop a balloon with magnifying glass. After 5 minutes, we called it quits.
In order to eat food, of course

Then played "Spot the Birds" in the tree. There is a bird in the center of the picture. Squint--you won't miss it!

Study the blossoms on the way to the park
WE grabbed some other neighbours and filled up all the slots on the swings!

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