Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday July 11 2011

The day started with lush promise

My kids have been begging me to do lessons out of this book.
So we began. We learned about dots--anything roundish in shape that is colored in.
Then we went on a dot hunt

Here are some dots

And another dot
Eek! A spider--a sorta dot

Checked on our tomato plants
Found another spider

Went to the park
Made clay geckos
Went swimming
Stopped and talked with folks in town
Mourned the loss of a tree that was removed from a favourite lawn
Came home to draw pictures
Made forts
Listened to Justin Morgan had a horse
Raced to emergency trying to beat a thunderstorm
Read Katy No pocket and Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie
raced home to beat the next thunderstorm
We all had a freezie
We all called it a night

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